Dave Pelz Is A Stud
By Kickntrue on 10/2/09
I always make 200 foot putts when showing proper putting technique. This is easy.

Via WithLeather.com

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Clint24 says:
I like his laugh. Thats hilarious. I just dont get the PA guy's NFL joke. Oh well, WAR EAGLE!
Banker85 says:
who doesnt make those?! piece o' cake!
Sodasai says:
@Clint24:Its like someone complaining that they're sore as an eagle. Whats not to get.
dtak84 says:
@Clint24 For the NFL fan that goes or is dragged to church on Sundays. It feels like forever as you sit through the service because the early NFL games start around the same time most church services do.
cgreen919 says:
greendevil says:
Nice shot Pelz; I bet I would 5-putt from that distance.
psvaren says:
I actually remember seeing this 'live' on the Golf Channel. This was at the 2004 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Pelz was demonstrating the difficulty players would face if they reached the front edge of the 500(ish)-yd par-4 18th green with a back pin placement. He hit two shots prior to this and barely made it half way to the hole. I believe it was his son was tending the pin. Blind luck, but pretty remarkable.
kspawr says:
I wonder how close he came with the other two balls?
Bryan K says:
I would consider a three putt from there to be amazingly successful.

The interesting thing is, though, that if he misses the cup, he's probably going to roll off the back side of the green.
brad6432 says:
I could nine putt from there!
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