UroClub Makes It Big Time
By Kickntrue on 10/21/09
We've been talking about the UroClub for over 2 years (here and here *w/ video)- but it finally made it big last night on ABC's Shark Tank. Shark Tank is a slow where entrepreneurs pitch their idea to investors and then most of the time the investors tell the pitchmen how stupid their idea is and how it will fail.

Well- UroClub got it's moment in the sun.. and one of the investors bought into it! I personally have no clue what they were thinking- it's purely a novelty item, but I guess we may see it in stores soon, thanks to the success from the show.

I've met the man behind UroClub at a golf show a year ago in Las Vegas and it was one of the most uncomfortable interactions of my life. I shook his hand smiling, telling him how hilarious and awesome I thought his product was. He was greatly offended and informed me that he was a Urologist and this product was an absolutely serious solution for a terrible problem facing golfers. I tried to skulk into the mass of show patrons and never see the guy again. Awkward!

ABC's Shark Tank

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KVSmith59 says:
lol. Your buddy loses his 7 iron and you can loan him your uroclub.....
Ben Crane says:
Why not just use the UroTree? There's 100+ of them lining the holes of every course I play.
Banker85 says:
i cant even believe that they would put this on the show? how redonkulous!
Steve Pate says:
If you buy the UroClub and the FecoClub together, do you get a discount?
PingRhoda says:
@ Carlos Franco - lol that's great. I'd say yes
kidputter says:
Gives new meaning to a #1 iron and the #2 iron. Also, possibly the Pee wedge.
cheymike says:
Personally, I think the guy is a self-diagnosing proctologist. He's got his head up somewhere dark if he thinks this is really gonna catch on and make him 50 bucks per uroclub. LOL
georgelohr says:
I'm with Ben Crane...use the trees. If you happen to be on a links course...just use a pot bunker. The inventor is cracked if he thinks he has anything but a novelty item on his hands.
JCaus says:
@ Carlos Franco almost everytime im on the course i think i bought some fecoclubs!
Panerai111 says:
LOL wtf...
kidputter says:
The club is selling for around $24.95. He sold 70% of the company for around $25,000. He invested around $300,000. At this point in the game, he doesn't CARE how many get used. He just wants to get them sold for the holidays. $16 profit. $4.80 per club is his cut.
joowen says:
it is a great way to get alcohol on the course
activesense says:
I thought Uroclub was going to be a club that hit in metres and not yards (euro??..oh - never mind). Maybe they could call it Tee-Pee or something to avoid confusion. They should just take some Flomax or Avodart before they tee off, or tie a knot in it until the turn.
ajbirken says:

I had this idea a few years back, but i was going to call it the "relief wedge"!!!

Seriously. you snooze, you lose. I could have made tens of dollars.
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