Golf Done Wrong
By Kickntrue on 10/23/09
Please declare your favorite moment in the comments and make sure you tell us the second mark it happens so we can all enjoy. My personal favorite is at the 43 second mark. How is that even possible?

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greendevil says:
Yeah, 43 second mark is good. I like the guy kicking at the ball at the 55 second mark; funny stuff.
Banker85 says:
the 48 second mark could have been a bloddy mess if it werent for the guys cat like reflexes.... get it cat like? HAHA
mmontisano says:
i would have to say 49 to 55 is pretty note worthy.
activesense says:
I like the bit at 30 secs, hooking his cart and dragging it into the lake.
Bryan K says:
lol....I've seen this clip dozens of times. The bit at 30 seconds is definitely the best. The bit right at 1:00 is great too, where he pulls the pin and the whole cup comes out. I'm interested to know the ruling on that one.
Bryan K says:
Just for the record...a note on the 43 second mark. I watched a guy hit himself in the side of the face with his drive once. Funny stuff. The ball fluffed off the top of his driver, rolled right up the shaft, and got him in the side of the chin. It wasn't hard....but he went down anyway, I imagine more from shock than for any other reason.

I also hit a tree a few rounds ago where I tried to catch the ball on the rebound. After reaching up, I knew that the ball was too far out for me to catch, but my buddy freaked out and started screaming at me to duck. He swears that the ball was going 100 mph, and I would have broken my hand if I had managed to catch it.
jm32 says:
As a Nascar fan, sign me up for the 1:08 mark.
kidputter says:
Come on, gang. The little girl falling in the water on the mini golf course HAS to be the best. Just proves, girls don't belong on the golf course.
activesense says:
Having watched the video again, I enjoyed the nut-shot at 37 seconds. He should have shouted 'fore' or even 'two'.
onedollarwed says:
55 gets me - you wouldn't stage that like you could with many of the others. An it couldn't happen to a more tightly wound fella.
32 it absolutely pathetic: first you miss the ball, then miraculously you snag the bag, saved you think, nope, everything is f@#$ed!
The 108 crash is just awful. I goofed around with golf carts a few times when I was younger - it gets old quick, you have that one oh sh#$ moment and then you're cured, right?
saintsman says:
49-55 is amazing
Jesten Tice says:
55 is clearly the best. What an uptight dude! HAHAHAHAA It looks like they messed up his shot with some string of some sort, which is what catches his club, and catches HIM as he tries to kick the ball, LOL he deserved every bit of it.
Mjw71772 says:
Yes definitely the 55 second mark. Who cares how they got him, if he is gonna be an idiot like that he deserves it. Maybe it was there way of letting him know he wasnt going to be part of the weekly foursome anymore.
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