Is This Really From Callaway?
By Kickntrue on 10/28/09
This video is HILARIOUS... I just can't believe it was really made by Callaway. I've never seen this before, though for all I know it could be old. Either way- it seems unlikely (even for an International audience) that Callaway would have really put their brand on a commercial this racy. They SHOULD because it's awesome, but it doesn't seem like it would even make it on the Golf Channel at 2am.

Thanks to Monk24 for the link.

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Backquak says:
the best feeling ever! very funny
Banker85 says:
lol i guess it prompts a very interesting question....

What is better an orgasm or bombing one 300yds+, sticking one within 5 feet from 150 out, making that first birdie/eagle/holeinone, dropping a 30 foot putt to save par etc... you get the point.

for me i might have to say hitting one to five feet from 150 out might be one of the best feelings in the world for me.
Backquak says:
i guess it depends on how often you get it. and that applies to all situations, i mean hitting it stiff from 150 is great until you do it every hole, then it might eventually get old, right? Nah,
Kickntrue says:
I'm taking 150 yard stick. The first choice if worded different could win my vote, but the way it's worded, it's possible to achieve multiple times a day. Until I start sticking 4 or 5 mid-irons a round under 5 feet, I think I'll take that option.
acoyne9 says:
id take 30 foot par saves every hole....18 of those aint bad.
Mjw71772 says:
That is why I tell my wife not to ask me questions while in bed, she may not like the answer. But I think nothing compares to the first Double Eagle. Hell any double eagle has a great feeling, they are just hard to find, much like a woman who cooks cleans does dishes doesnt bother you and lets you play golf. Since I found my wife and she does all that, I guess I am happy when the great shots do come around, just an added bonus.
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