Europeans Are Funny... NOT!
By Kickntrue on 11/23/09
Borat may have punked the USA a few years ago, but I think we're finally over "Not" jokes, unlike certain Europeans. Lee Westwood won the Dubai World Championship and the season-long Race To Dubai all at once yesterday is a pretty awesome performance. He showed amazing resolve under pressure and a grit and determination that, frankly, he's never shown in the USA on the PGA Tour.

I caught the trophy presentation live yesterday morning when I woke up- and all I can say is thank God for Tivo. It's recorded from my tv with my camera so the quality isn't good- but the sound should be good enough to hear.

All I will say- the USA may be behind on fashion, censorship and health care, but at least we don't use "Not" jokes anymore. Suck on that Dubai!

Westwood Wins

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Banker85 says:
Trevor Spring says:
I saw that as well. The interviewer was terrible. He is on sky sports back in the uk and hosts this golf show with world record number awkward moments and bad jokes.

1.6 million in prizemoney they could of paid a little bit more for the host.
Oak says:
Yeah, I watched that too. That whole interview was awkward as was when Westwood tried to pick up the trophy in concert with the dude with the flowing robe.
Patrick McKay says:
Europeans are so behind
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