Yet Another "Next" Tiger
By Kickntrue on 11/28/09
These stories and videos pop up a couple times a year and they're always fun. Meet 2 year old Quentin Coor.

What I love about this one versus some of the other young kids is Quentin has TERRIBLE form, which is refreshing (stick with me here). While the other young kids may be further along- it also looks like their parents may drag them around the course working on swing flaws and fixes. There is no doubt after watching this video that Quentin is not receiving such pressure. I love that he can smile at you on his backswing... just before whacking it 75 yards down the fairway!


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cwebbie says:
My kid is 18 months and he's got no chance getting it up and down from a bunker.
knthornt says:
ok, now i know what I am doing wrong... when I swing, my hands are the wrong way and I look at the ball. His method seems better.

should be interesting to see if this kid ever turns into something. at least he is enjoying the game.
jeremyheslop says:
Actually other golfers use a reverse grip for full swings. Pretty interesting video of a guy who does it here:
Kurt the Knife says:
the kid is in the moment
no thought
just swing
zen i tell ya
bducharm says:
Looks like a future GOW on OOB - hell, he might be one NOW!!!
US Open says:
is he really tiger is he going to have a supermodel wife and over 10 mistresses accounted for. you make me laugh. id have to say the next jack nicholas concidering he still owns the record for majors won. you guys crack me up Tiger very funny man
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