oobers Rule The Rest Of The Net, Too!
By Kickntrue on 2/26/10
If there's one thing I've learned in 3+ years of this, it's that you really can't hold an oober down!

A couple months ago I linked to a contest held by AlmostGolf calling for trick shot artists to make the best short videos featuring the AlmostGolf practice ball.

Of course an oober won! I received a note from PGA Tour Driven, aka Gabe, thanking me for linking the contest on the site because he's now the proud owner of a FlipMini HD camera. After seeing his video I know why! I didn't ask how many times he had to try each trick- but it doesn't matter. It's his enthusiasm that wins me over!

Quite a go-getter, young Gabe is. He also runs a tips/tricks site of his own- so he gets a bonus link for that!


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Torleif Sorenson says:
Nice shooting, Gabe. Hopefully your on-camera endorsement doesn't cost you your amateur status... :>

- Tor
nickp says:
Great shots but the video would've really benefited from a lowering of the corny knob.
falcon50driver says:
I like the part where he says he'll give something away on Feb 30, 2010
bducharm says:
Gabe - enjoy the Flip - it is a GREAT camera!!! My company (Cisco Systems) aquired Pure Digital, who makes that camera!!!
PGA Tour Driven says:
Thanks for the support everyone, it is much appreciated! My passions are helping people and golf, that’s why I have started my website.

I test clubs for Taylormade so I give some Taylormade stuff away every month. I sell a lot of TMADE product on ebay and craigslist, but I’d rather give good deals to some fellow oobers.

I have some TMADE speedsticks, R9 bag, adidas bag, travel case, balls, adidas belt buckles, etc.. so if you want anything just shoot me a message.

Love the camera, and glad I can mark off one of my life long goals, to get on the front page of oob!

Thanks Andrew!

P.S. I remember Tiffany Joh making a song for oob, it has inspired me to make a rap, so get ready for that in a couple of months.

P.S. Anything I can do to help any1 just let me know.

Gabriel Writer
PGA Tour Driven
falcon50driver says:
Only two more days till Feb. 30....I hope I win.
Mr VanityHandicap says:
Hey gabe, great video and awesome website! I joined your newsletter..... Also, I sent you a PM on Oob.

fhsbaseball21 says:
mine are much better than this, but i spent like a week on them haha
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