Athlete Apparel Scripting
By Kickntrue on 6/14/10
I get some awesome emails from golf companies to my inbox, but my favorite may be the emails before events showing what outfits each Nike golfer will be wearing. I really should use it to my advantage to win cheap bar bets. Nobody outside of the industry could even imagine it's public info and that planned out ahead. Sure, we all know come Sunday Tiger will be wearing a red shirt, but I bet you didn't know on Thursday Anthony Kim will be wear Red Plum shirt with white pants and a white hat.

In fact- it's such a great email and topic- that around the Masters it got Kevin and I thinking about the fact that there is a person whose whole job it is to dress the pros. Lo and behold- the US Open comes around- and Nike publishes a video shot at the Oven about the "apparel scripting" featuring the Nike golfers and the person whose job it is to pick them.

It's a pretty interesting video- and just shows you how crazy the corporate juggernauts are. There literally is a person at Nike who gets paid to dress you. If it weren't so lame (to me), I'd want the job myself. ... I just hope the guy at Puma get's paid less than industry scale, because he's playing a mean old joke on Rickie Fowler!

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KVSmith59 says:
being color blind, it would be nice to have their set up :)
Backquak says:
Oh, Ricky's color blind. That makes sense. Ha Ha
KVSmith, there's nothing wrong with being color blind, just don't let someone else dress you or you will be pranked.
tcjonny says:
thats absolutely horrific foley at 2:08 of the club hitting the ball, its completely canned, sounds like they recorded it on a sound stage
sepfeiff says:
@tcjonny - I think it sounds ok, but I had to listen to it about 20 times. FWIW My ball sounds exactly like that to me.
Kickntrue says:
@tcjonny- I think that sounds legit.
birdieXris says:
@tc - yea that sounds fine to me.
Banker85 says:
that would be nice, i hate having to pick my suits and ties shirts, make sure i didnt just wear this tie or shirt last week blah blah blah!
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