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Billy Horschel's Near Par 4 Ace
By mustang6560 on 9/30/11
I saw the video Billy Horschel's near double eagle during the first round of the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open earlier this morning and at first I thought, "meh, it's not worth sharing with the oobers". But, as the day wore on I couldn't help thinking about it. Sure, Billy didn't ace the driveable par 4 15th hole, but when's the last time you had a seven inch putt for eagle?

Outside my hole in one (you thought I was going to let you forget about that?), I've only had one other eagle and it was during a practice round so I don't really count it and I had to drain a 20 foot putt to make it. Had the golf gods shined a little brighter on Billy, he would have joined Andrew Magee as the only other golfer to record a hole in one on a par 4 in PGA Tour history. For now, Andrew gets to keep the record all too himself.

The eagle couldn't have come at a better time for Billy, as he's on the outside looking in right now. Currently, he's number 166 on the PGA Tour money list so every birdie and eagle will go a long way in helping him keep his tour card. Otherwise, it's back to the Nationwide Tour or Q-School.


photo via @BillyHo_Golf

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Paolo says:
I've nearly had (12" off) an albatros on a par 4 at our local hotel course.... ok so it is a par 4 that could and maybe should be a par 3....
Bryan K says:
I almost had a double eagle on a par three once. But then I had to hit my tee shot.
bkuehn1952 says:
"when's the last time you had a seven inch putt for eagle"

It has been a while but every now and then I hit it close on a par 5. The unique aspect of this case is: when was the last time you had a 7 inch putt for eagle ON A PAR 4. ;)
falcon50driver says:
I threw my golf shoes away when I got a hole in one.
falcon50driver says:
Our club has a dogfight every Wednesday, I've seen a hole in one on the 358 yard par 4, sixth hole, and a double eagle 2 on the 530 yard 13th hole. One of the tournaments has a best two ball format, and we got to record a three under par score on the 4th hole, a 358 yard par 4, when I had a birdie and the captain made a two inch putt for eagle. I just realized, while typing this, that both those holes, 4&6, are 358 yards.
Banker85 says:
that was unlucky. or lucky, idk.
Banker85 says:
never had an eagle. had putts for eagle but never converted.
jpjeffery says:
You know, being a language purist, I just can't stop myself. If an eagle is two under par then a double-eagle is four under.

So, this story is about Billy Horschel's near albatross. Please!

Still, great try Billy Horschel (although I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying for it!)

falcon50driver says:
You know, jpjeffery, you are correct. I should have said Albatross, but everyone seems to want to call it a double eagle.
Banker85 says:
jpjefery: never thought of it like that. you are correct sir. I have always called it an albatross.
homermania says:
It was about a twenty foot putt, but I did drive a par 4 I've never played this weekend. Timely article.
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