These Guys ARE Good (Bubba Watson Edition)
By Kickntrue on 9/10/10
You've seen the PGA Tour commericails with the slogan, "These guys are good." Well, yes they are. In this video, Bubba Watson hits a right handed golf club left handed... 305 yards.

Via Devil Ball Golf

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birdieXris says:
That's pretty dang outstanding.
Banker85 says:
uhhhhhh. WOW. why they say he's a golfer not a speller? Bubba is awesome!
knthornt says:
Holy crap... I hit 300 yard drives normally when there is a strong wind behind me and an elevated tee. Bubba could probably do it with a broom.
FatGuyGolf says:
Wearing boat shoes no less.
Mandelbaum! says:
Haha...nice! I saw a local pro do that once when I was a kid, it's an impressive skill.

@Banker85: the 'you're' was misspelled in the 'you're welcome'. On Twitter, Bubba often signs off by saying 'ur welcome'. I don't know why they spelled it 'your' though.
peter3 says:
Hitting 300y drives (any which way) is impressive, but hitting a driver up side down actually isn't that hard. Try it, you'll see,
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