Bubba Watson, "urwelcome"
By Kickntrue on 10/26/10
Bubba Watson is following in the footsteps of Ben Crane by posting funny videos on his Twitter account. Well done, sir. I'm completely in favor of these guys using new technology to show the world they are real guys, guys we'd like to hang out with, and not robotic millionaires.

Here are a couple from Bubba's Account. I love how he ends each clip with a, "You're Welcome," or as it types out for Twitter, "urwelcome." My only beef- these were obviously filmed with a cell phone- which is fine, the quality is plenty good- but PLEASE, turn the phone horizontally and shoot it like a "real camera" would. I don't want to watch vertical videos.

Oh- make sure to scroll down and watch the 3rd video. Skip the other 2 to watch the 3rd if you're short on time. It's RIDICULOUS... and probably deserves it's own post.

And this one... there really are no words. Is he drunk?!

Via GolfDigest.com

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ndoyle says:
Bubba Watson was posting these videos long before Ben Crane - check out some of his older videos with the 'ol Wooden stick' from last winter; they're hysterical.
Matt Otskey says:
lol my milkshakes bring all the dogs to the yard
birdieXris says:
bducharm says:
@ndoyle - beat me to it! I am a HUGE Bubba fan on Twitter - he is AWESOME! He also will answer tweets to him sometimes as well.
SD Charlie says:
As if I weren't already a big Bubba fan. That's gold.
Dazinkster says:
I love the way Bubba plays the game, this just shows why. He just does things his own way, clearly a good bloke to boot. He's definitely my favourite non-UK player t the moment!
Banker85 says:
lol awesome
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