I'm Starting To Like Mr. Westwood
By Kickntrue on 11/9/10
What's the best way to win me over? Drunkenly sing! I had no reason to like you Lee Westwood- until today. Now I'll be rooting for you to win a major next year! The difference? It's really simple... humanity.

Via WeiUnderPar.com and ATrueGolfer.com

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Scott Shields says:
i wanna hear sweet caroline!
Backquak says:
such a great singing voice and he chose to waste his career on golf, just think of all the concerts, women, drugs, and sex he has missed out on.
Backquak says:
actually, now that the old #1 golfer has proved that statement false, I guess Lee is on the right track for all of the above.
whomsley says:
Bravo! I have always liked him and now even more.
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