Robert Allenby Knocks Out Fan
By Kickntrue on 11/12/10
Remember the flap at the Australian Masters Tiger made when he tossed his club? Well today, one year later, Robert Allenby flat out knocked out a fan with his errant ball. The video is a "must-see" despite the annoyance of watching a pre-roll advertisement.

Hopefully this will be on YouTube soon and you won't have to click a link to see it.

The best part is the announcer- so make sure to have sound on (but low).

Allenby Knocks Out Fan

UPDATE- Thanks to user- now no need to click!

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birdieXris says:
wow. not even a "fore".
GolfSmith7 says:
"Down goes frazier Down goes Frazier"
Banker85 says:

i hate TMZ
Banker85 says:
@birdiexris: that is what i was waiting for. i think it doglegs left to right so with the big draw he hit maybe he didnt see where it was going, but still better to be safe than kill someone. It looks like they are right on the edge of the fairway too?! atleast he got a good bounce, ball went about 20yards forward middle of the fairway.
Banker85 says:
"doglegs left to right"

i mean left to right...
Banker85 says:
omg. right to left jez! sorry. i dont know! im a retard
Kurt the Knife says:
And you dint take one in the head
golfmaniac says:
The wind was also blowing very hard from right to left toward the group of fans. I was watching it live and it looked like Allenby had no clue he was going to get close to a fan. By the time he got to the fan he was awake. When he first hit the guy you thought he was seriously injured.
Panerai111 says:
Srixons don't miss their targets!
askarzy says:
That guy most have owed Robert some money beforehand.
SweetJazz says:
Not very funny. Someone's relative just got blown up.
Matt F says:
rxman says:
... reminds me of the time my wife went shopping, and I got the bill ...
Joness says:
I was at the golf in Melbourne on the weekend, and it was a dull overcast day. As a spectator, it felt a bit dangerous because it was impossible to follow the flight of the ball in the white overcast skies. Saturday was much safer because it was raining and we all had umbrellas up.
coojofresh says:
a better view & the aftermath also
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