Some People's Kids...
By Kickntrue on 11/23/10
This video needs to be played with the volume in check. You NEED the volume on- but you may want to be careful in an office because the yelling and F-Bombs start coming fast and furious.

I'm calling BS on this video overall- reeks of a corporate viral video- but kudos on being well done. As much as I like to think of myself as young and hip, and golfers are stiffs, etc... I'm totally with the old dudes on this one. I'd break the thing too and feel absolutely no remorse.

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TeT says:
Yeah, maybe contrived but who knows ... if not I side with the old guys.
Kurt the Knife says:
total BS.
Though anyone messes with my ball in a similar instance. I'd be happy to do the same thing.
fake or not I loved seeing the car explode.
Kurt the Knife says:
BTW, the cat's got a nice swing.

reminds me of a story.
My dad was starting to lose it cuz of alzheimer's. He was still able walk down to the grocery store and buy a couple things n get home ok. It was a small town n folks looked out for each other.
He was in line at the checkout and came time to pay, he was not figuring out the amount to give the cashier. They patiently waited for him. When a young punk 'bout 22 behind my dad says something like, "whatsamatter old man, can't count?"
Confused, pops hesitated a second n then right jab square, wails the kid in the jaw.
Dad went back to his calculations and figured it out.
They say in Alzheimer's, inhibitions can fail.
sepfeiff says:
Wow, its just golf. Swinging a club around like that is uncalled for. Well it is actually called assault when chasing someone... And beside all of the anger and chasing for no good reason, the rules of golf address placing your ball back in the correct position if moved by an outside agency, use the rule and not your 9 iron!

Looks staged imho.
TravisMiller says:
This is how you mess with someone's ball. :)
birdieXris says:
i'd have done the same thing as the old guy. Not swinging it at him, but i'd have hit the hell outta that car. Serves them right.
TeT says:
@sepfeiff : It is a rare quality in a person to be able to control themselves fully when confronted in such a way with no warning. Yes the proper way to deal with it would be to chuckle and call the proshop and have security escort the juveniles from the premises. I would like to say that I could do that, but it would not be my first inclination...
cjgiant says:
Sorry - the car needs to be destroyed. If the kids decide to escalate to physical altercations (they did kind of start insinuating at least in the video) while I'm holding a club, that'd be the inexperience of youth.

However, I agree with most... seems staged.
KVSmith59 says:
hmmmm....I kinda got a chuckle out of it. If it happened to me and my friends we'd probably just laugh it off, tell them to mess with the guys behind us, putt out and continue on our way..
shorne says:
I would definitely not hit the metal car with my clubs. It would probably put a pretty good ding in my forged clubs.
bducharm says:
I would have done the same thing - and if that stupid punk kid came running up to me like that, he would have gotten the same treatment as the car!!! Get off my damn golf course idiot!!!
Swingem says:
Hmm..Kids doing dumb things-imagine that, just outrageous! Seriously though, looks staged. If it's for real, the old dudes have some serious anger management issues. That one guy does a great Elin imitation though.
sigmapete1 says:
"Hey I was just playing the ball as it lies when it was under the car!" The dirtbag kid deserved getting his car smashed.
askarzy says:
Not worth smashing my putter.
Bryan K says:
I don't think this was staged. And if it was me, I'd have destroyed the car too. Except I probably would have smashed it on the cart path rather than risk my expensive putter.
Banker85 says:
I would have just took it with me to the pro shop or just turn it upside down and finish the hole. guys overreacted. and very violent old men. dont think that is real.
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