Pro Golfers Take On Clay Pigeons
By Kickntrue on 12/27/10
Okay, this is pretty good. Kudos to the European Tour for having some fun with their players and for making viral videos actually worth watching.

I'd love to know how many shots this actually took and how long.

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birdieXris says:
Knowing these guys and how good they are, i don't think it took that many once they got dialed in. i would say 3 shots a man to get the distance and flight. After that are the shots we're seeing. If it even took that long. the one with the gong skip shot over water was the same way. I would love to have that kind of flight control.
Banker85 says:
by their reaction, and the light in the day i think it took a couple hours or so for sure, still awesome!
TeT says:
What kills me is that those were all sand shots.....
dsferris says:
I have always wanted to try a team competition where one person hits flop shots and the other tries to shoot the ball with a shotgun.
birdieXris says:
@ Banker - I dunno. i think it could be later in the day to begin with , but i'm going by the amount of clay pigeons stacked up. it looked like they only would have gone through about 60 tops.
Agustin says:
falcon50driver says:
I got invited to a Duck Camp for a big Bar B Que party. One of the events was shooting golf balls out of the air instead of skeet. Another contest was 3 tries at landing a golf ball in a net draped over an inner tube floating about 100 yards out in the lake. My first pitching wedge try hit the inner tube, and the second shot dropped right in the net. The prize was a big bag of duck decoys, I donated them back to the club.
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