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I Don't Get It
By Kickntrue on 1/7/11
I'm usually all for anything golf- even pure goofiness- but I've got to admit- I don't get this at all.

This video was featured on the front page CNN.com today. I guess I watched it and passed it on- so mission accomplished as "news" on CNN's part- but ... seriously, how lame.

At least white 'fro guy gets the "glory." What a sad and lonely life 300 days of traveling for "Speedy" the ball feeder must be. That can't really pick up the chicks, right?

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homermania says:
"The sport of speed golf."
birdieXris says:
Gotta love the hair.
leeheppjr says:
which is worse? the hair or being "Speedy" the ball feeder?
falcon50driver says:
Wonder how many times speedy has had his hand smashed.
lcgolfer64 says:
@Merlin - I was thinking that to, ouch! I wouldn't be placing them there with anything less than a hockey glove!
SD Charlie says:
I didn't listen to the sound - what's the deal with the ball-setter reaching up at his neck? Is he flicking a ball up there with his left hand, and grabbing it to place down with his right?
toothid says:
Speed Golf...another event to fill up the silly season on the Golf Channel...maybe in 2011
falcon50driver says:
Dang it , you made me look at that stupid video(and the 30 second intro) again. I couldn't figure that out either, unless it was a timing thing to get his hand out of the way.
Couldn't a person do it even faster if the balls just rolled out of a chute ? Sorry to give something so dumb so much thought. It's kinda like punkin chunkin, people with too much time on their hands.
Matt F says:
I think it's just the speed he takes his hand away to keep it from getting hit. Looks like he just gets into a rhythm that works.
legitimatebeef says:
Moron. The point of golf is to take as few strokes as possible. What's next, high volume golf, where the winner is the one with the most strokes? Yay for people!!!
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