Is It Too Cold To Golf?
By Kickntrue on 1/17/11
Okay- so this post is a sad attempt to generate conversation (but mostly to show this amazing non-golf related video).

It's funny- when I lived in the northeast I would've killed for a 45 degree day to sneak out on the golf course. Heck- I've played in sub-freezing weather before- no problem. Anything to satisfy the golf bug, right?! Well- it's really a matter of perspective. Since moving to the southeast- I realize while I haven't adopted some facets of "southern life" (like wearing jorts), I have definitely adjusted to the weather and my standards for "golf weather" have changed dramatically. Look at my oob profile - I haven't golf since the middle of November- 2 full months. I just can't be troubled anymore to golf in cold weather. Now don't get me wrong ... it's been colder than it should be here, but not so much that it would've kept me off the course if I was still up north. "Knowing" that warm days will pop up here and there (it was in the mid-60's over the holidays, I just wasn't here) I just can't justify going out in even high-40's temperatures. I'm sure that makes me some kind of ... something (sell-out doesn't seem like the right word, though the idea applies).

Maybe this week. It's supposed to be in the high 50's and even 60's, though it's supposed to rain. Anyway- if anyone has had a similar experience- or just wants to call me a wuss- feel free to do some in the comments below.

Really- the whole reason I even started writing this was because I had to show you this amazing video from Canada.

Being Canadian* must be so depressing.

Video via

* you too Minnesota

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bkuehn1952 says:
Thanks for furthering my education! I had never heard the term "jorts" and almost snorted coffee out my nose when I read the definition.
kingwood hacker says:
not too cold in Houston, just too dark at 5:00 p.m. when I get off work.
windowsurfer says:
Winter is simply a mildly irritating Canadian method of dealing with mosquitos. And *gag reflex* jorts.
leeheppjr says:
Got in my first full 18 in over a month on Saturday, was in the mid 40s, but very windy. Our course claims that unless they can get a scredriver 8 inches into the green it will cause damage if we walk on it. We have been closed alot on days I would easily play, but I guess it's better in the long run.
bducharm says:
Supposed to be 65 in Austin today - unfortunately I am in Washington DC this week!!! SUCKS!!!
mmontisano says:
my cut off line in Dallas was usually around 50 degrees. FAR different than it was when i lived in Ohio when i would play until i couldn't find my ball anymore in the snow.
guzzlingil says:
played my first round of '11 this past weekend...had 7 penalty strokes.......
lcgolfer64 says:
Okay I have to admit I did this [from the vidoe] a couple of years ago on a very cold January day to show a couple of co-workers that had come up from Florida. It was pretty cool - it works best with boiling hot water with temp in the minus zero and below range.
My golf bud and I kill the winters up here alternating between hitting in a golf dome about once week and playing GoldenTee, sad... The price I pay for living in this god-forsaken tundra!! [Can you tell I miss golf right now] More snow here today followed by sub-zero the rest of the week... Why?!! Why?!! Lol...

Jorts... Hahaha - oh man that brings back memories of the late 80's
rmumph1 says:
@guzz-you still shot a 92 with 7 penalty strokes. I am playing Sat at "Atchafalaya at Idlewild" in Patterson. Should be 50's most of the day. Will see if I can avoid some penalty shots, the website shows alot of water and sand. Bad combination for me.

For the record I live in the south and have never worn "Jorts". I looked them up on the internet, just terrible. I laughed my @$$ off at the comments made about Florida Fans wearing them. Geaux Tigers.
legitimatebeef says:
In my area, temperature is not the issue sadly. I used to say that 40 degrees fahrenheit was my cold weather limit, but right about now I'd venture out in any temp. The problem is the snow and ice on the ground. We got hit pretty bad early on, and haven't had enough warm days/rainfall to melt it down. So golf is totally out of the question for the foreseeable future. Maybe by late March it'll all have melted. Maybe.
guzzlingil says: will see more jorts at a UF home game than anywhere else....
Bryan K says:
It's -25 right now. That's too cold to golf.

But I have done the "throw the boiling water in the air and watch it evaporate" trick. Here is an even more fun one. If you throw cold water in the air on a -25 degree day, it will fall to the ground as ice.

Oh, and I grew up wearing jorts. These days, I don't wear denim at all. Way too much of it in the '80's.
Banker85 says:
ya i have had some days where i could have gone out this year, once or twice in the 40's, but the course was soggy and i wimped out. oh well spring is not too far away. I imagine i will be golfing in less than 62 days.
OffCoursegolfer says:
Where I live it's really an issue of the courses being closed, so I just create my own course around the neighborhood. With the new off course balls they make that fly about 100 yards, I usually can play with a 7 iron and wedge and create a frisbee golf course that is truly challenging. The cool thing is that at any time, I can just pack it in if it's too cold or I just want to stop. I also only have to walk out my back door to get to my first tee. I recommend it to everyone. create your own course. Sure, my course doesn't accommodate my big dog of a driver, but I can hit a 7 iron like a pro. It really keeps my game sharp, when in the past I had nothing.
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