Greatest Putt Putt Shot Ever?!
By Kickntrue on 1/24/11
Some would argue I should post an actual golf-related item on a Monday after a PGA Tour golf weekend. It's a fair argument but until that person sees this video they really have no leg to stand on. Nobody would believe you if this wasn't on video. The fact that the camera was rolling in the first place is crazy enough.

I only hope to be so lucky for something this amazing to happen to me when I'm golfing sometime. I'd be willing to bet this may be the first time in history this perfect storm of circumstances has ever occurred. Almost lost in the hysteria is the fact that the ball goes in the hole.


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Matt Otskey says:
hahahaha i love how the ball goes in. absolutely perfect
Banker85 says:
dpoimboeuf says:
I hope he added two strokes for grounding his club in a hazard. surprised that no one watching at home called this in causing him to be DQ'd
Bryan K says:
I offense...but I've seen enough crazy crap happen on a golf course where this would qualify as "really cool"...not totally and insurmountably insane like the people on the camera make it out to be.

Heck...if it didn't go in the hole, I don't even think it would be that noteworthy.
bkuehn1952 says:
Okay guys ... putt from water spout take 47 ... remember, go nuts if this attempt goes in the hole ... ready ... action ... (yelling, running around, whooping, laughing) ... Cut! Great job guys! It is a wrap. Get this on YouTube stat.
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