Ben Crane's New Dance Video
By mustang6560 on 4/26/11
Ben Crane is back at it again - releasing another funny/weird video. In his latest video, he disputes the claim that he's a boring person by saying he "grew up in a dance academy".

What's next involves a porn mustache, some awful dancing and weird outfits, which - you guessed it - makes for a great video. I'm not sure how much time Ben spends making these videos. But if his speed on the golf course is any indication, he probably spends way too much time and only sees a marginal reward. Zing!

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Backquak says:
Ben certainly has a sense of humor, he's not the uptight boring goody goody that I thought he was. I still laugh at the ben crane workout video, funny stuff.
Kurt the Knife says:
why cant he move that fast on the links?
TeT says:
Dude is hilarious, would love to see him get it together on the course. Will never see him win though, final group would not finish until after my bedtime if hes in contention on Sunday...
Tha Clint says:
I think we have found next seasons winner for Dancing with the Stars! Lmfao
homermania says:
Just hit the damn ball already!
mmontisano says:
i'm surprised at the speed he's producing these videos.
Clint24 says:
Too bad its only a minute.....I hope he has a stash of these and he's just waiting to release them. They're hilarious!
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