iPad2 vs. Golf Club
By Kickntrue on 5/24/11
Personally, I was rooting for the iPad.

So really, there's nothing at all golf related until 1:42 mark, and even... but I mean... Nathan bailed on you guys. I'm just trying to cover for him.

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Backquak says:
what are they doing??? why??? stupid punk kids, to much money, no respect, no respect!!!
OK I've got that out of my system. So, is squaretrade selling insurance for electronics? That would make sense, I guess.
Backquak says:
At least when Nathan is here we get a Tiger post. We could be chiming in on the latest Tiger "will he ever play again, what's the state of his game, do you think he will break Jack's record?" but noooo, he has to take a vacation, he's probably hitting another hole in one with "HIS" own sticks, right now.
mjaber says:
I'm all for smashing anything from the "Cult of Apple"


birdieXris says:
Those tests mean nothing, because really --- when have you ever dropped something and it lands perfectly on it's face flat? I never have. It always slides off of a pile, or falls out of my hand and lands leading edge first. Anything short of an otterbox and your ipad will shatter. IMO, two wasted ipad2 units. Also that guy's swing sucks.
homermania says:
@birdieXris: Obviously, he's not a golfer.
Torleif Sorenson says:
That's the funniest thing I've seen since "Will It Blend?
Banker85 says:

this swing is better
cjclair says:
Unoriginal, if you're gonna do it, please do it the right way...


By the way, gotta love the new iPad2, now when is oobgolf going to make an iPad app? Just a suggestion.
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