Rangé Golf Balls
By mustang6560 on 6/2/11
Add a French accent, a couple seasoned funnymen (John O'Hurley and Patrick Warburton), a few references to male genitals and you've got yourself a YouTube video. While I find the above mentioned premise to be tired (IMO), I couldn't help but find this video a little funny.

If I had to nickname this week on oob, I'd name it "The Week of Videos" because I've already posted two videos in this short week (here and here).


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GolfinHawg says:
Then after your round with Range` balls you can visit the club house for a nice treat from Pete Sweaty. Sweaty Balls sandwich!! Nice spin off SNL's sweaty balls routine.
Banker85 says:
i want my 1:50 back. lame
falcon50driver says:
As opposed to other content here ?
munk24 says:
I'm laughing lol
manny.101 says:
Not getting that 1:50 back.
Life just wasted majorly.
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