The Art of Throwing A Golf Club
By mustang6560 on 6/20/11
Someone needs to teach Henrik Stenson how to properly throw/break a golf club.

During Sunday's final round at the U.S. Open at Congressional, Henrik cut his finger in the process of breaking his 7-iron. After mis-hitting his 7-iron, it looked like an enraged Henrik was trying to decide if he was going to throw his club or display some self control and just walk away. The result - a gash on his finger.

It's not uncommon to get upset on the golf course. And it's definitely not uncommon for a golfer to break a club during a pit of anger. However, if you're going to break a club, you have to commit to it. If you half ass it, you could get injured like Henrik did Sunday. Plus, you don't get the full satisfaction of transferring the blame of your bad round to an object that is not responsible for your bad shot(s).

My personal favorite method of throwing a club is the one-handed club chucking. I bring the club back over my shoulder, pick out a target about 50 yards away and then unleash hell. I broke a putter once in frustration by slamming it in the ground like a shovel and as soon as the club make contact with the ground, my putter instantly became lighter. I instantly knew my putter head was stuck in the ground. Since then, I try to avoid slamming my club in the ground because chances are much greater the shaft will snap in half or I'll break the hosel.


photo by Keith Allison

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legitimatebeef says:
That was like the sole act of frustration that I saw during this US Open. Everyone was so relaxed.
mschad says:
A guy I golf with occasionally throws his putter.... but aims for a bunker.
bkuehn1952 says:
I am too cheap to risk breaking a club by tossing it. There are always moments when it would feel so good to just let loose - and then sanity (and frugalness) returns and the moment passes.
Kurt the Knife says:
I just stick my tongue out at the ball 'n flail my arms around a bit.
Your mileage may vary.
RJSchuchman says:
I liked Fredrik Jacobsen's simultaneous: swing-release-club-at-top-of-follow-through-kick-club-behind-you-before-it-hits-ground move!! I also laughed out loud when he 4-putted one of the greens, and then pumped his fist when he drained putt #4!! Nice to see him laugh it off, too.....
cjgiant says:
Jimenez broke a club against a bag after his approach on hole #1 (his 10th) on Friday. He was not having a good tourney.
SteveMM says:
I'm more of a club tosser. They don't go as far, but they don't break either. I don't do it very often. I had a round recently where I did it twice, but it was a pretty horrific round .. even for me.
shorne says:
I liked when Sergio threw the R11 on the ground in the tee box and kicked it. It looked like he hated the club.
stuart189 says:
I like Hoffman breaking his putter on the 18th a couple of months ago, just a bend and snap and put it in the bin, I didn't see it but heard last year after a bad putting round he casually tossed it in the lake next to the 18th.
birdieXris says:
i can't figure out what he did here. Did he hit it on the ground? or did he just snap it with his other hand. it looks like he was so angry that he took a hard check swing and it broke.
Banker85 says:
i was thinking the same thing Xris. i would never break a club on purpose. I threw my old L wedge over to my cart once before but i didnt mean to break it. It hit the side of the cart and the head snapped off. I loved that walmart wedge.
cjgiant says:
LOL - I was wondering that when I saw it Sunday. This video cleared nothing up. I'm a fan of knowing it's a bad shot and following through with a release of the club straight to the ground behind me. Some days my playing partners think that's just my swing :).
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