Cart Girl Robbed on Golf Course
By mustang6560 on 6/24/11
A (drunken? cracked out?) man "allegedly" robbed a beer cart girl on a Sacramento area golf course yesterday and fired several shots at a man who was trying to stop him. oober KVSmith59 was at the course when all of this happened!

The only thing more coveted than a hole in one on the golf course is the beer cart girl. She provides happiness to golfers in the form of warm smiles, cold beer and chocolaty candy bars. How dare someone try to ruin a good thing!

The field reporter who covered this story could not have been more annoying. Local news is usually pretty bad but this guy's failed puns were beyond well comical.
"The only green he was trying to hit was someone else's hard earned cash."

"A new hazard - bullets - were suddenly flying through the fairway."

"This is one game everyone is glad there was no hole in one."
Seriously? Anyone else get the strong urge to punch someone while listening to him speak?

The good news, was nobody was hurt. I can't believe the bravery of the golfer who tried to stop him. Club in hand, he took off after the robber and was shot at several times. A bit nutty in my opinion, but brave nonetheless.


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billbadaz says:
Ray Lewis was right. This is all because of the NFL Lockout...
Banker85 says:
those jokes were kinda funny. the last one is my favorite.
wrhall02 says:
WTF? Robbing the cart girl on the course? I am simply dumb founded...WTF?
rmumph1 says:
Robbing the cart girl for what?.. $30 ... Badaz-I agree, it's all because of the NFL lockout. Bring on football!!!
colbymark says:
His jokes were funny, but the delivery wasn't up to par...

I'm sorry.
billbadaz says:
also, wtf was up with all of the people in Sac town night putting with the Dean's daughter??
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