Art of Stretching by Miguel Angel Jimenez
By mustang6560 on 7/15/11
I can't decide if Miguel Angel Jimenez is warming up for a round of golf or for some other activity.

I also can't decide if I should laugh at the Spaniard for performing a standing version of the downward dog (it's the only yoga move I know by name) or admire his seemingly unknown genius.

Either way, Miguel should write a book on stretching called "The Art of Stretching: How to stretch your feathers like a peacock" by Miguel Angel Jimenez. First step, find a cigar.

Miguel Angel Jimenez Stretching

photo by photojenni

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bobhooe says:
Say what you will the man knows how to live life.
homermania says:
Speaking of cigars, I wonder if Cigar Guy made it to the Open.
wrhall02 says:
He's a character, pro golf needs more MAJ's.
whomsley says:
He is awesome!
srogers13 says:
You need to get the video of his post round interview where they showed him the video and asked him about the stretching routine.
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