Gunpowder Golf Shot
By mustang6560 on 8/1/11
First, there was the 200 Yard Gong Shot. Now, there is the Gunpowder Golf Shot.

In the latest trick shot, European Tour players Gregory Bourdy, Stephen Gallacher, Jeev Milkha Singh and Pablo Larrazabal attempt to hit a golf ball into a barrel on a boat that is loaded with gun powder. If successful, the barrel will explode.

After watching the trick shot, were you convinced that the European Tour players are as good as the PGA Tour players?

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dartboss04 says:
i enjoyed the video until the celebration...let's calm down a little bit...
Banker85 says:
not convinced.
falcon50driver says:
I enjoyed the fact that Tiger Woods wasn't mentioned. Doop ! now I've spoiled this article too.
Matt F says:
Good one Merlin, wreck a perfectly good post! LOL
mustang6560 says:
@m3d -1
jarick098 says:
oh its raining in Scotland.... weird.
gpickin says:
They didn't say they had been there 56 straight hours trying to hit it.
I'd celebrate like I was released from Prison too LOL
EloraBlue says:
That was great fun! They do something similar at most tournaments, it's for fun and is enjoyable to watch. The European players ARE better! At having fun and being themselves. Just can't imagine the American players being able to pull this off without first consulting their handlers, publicists and agents. "Gosh! I dunno, do you think it will be good for my image?!?!"
EloraBlue says:
oh, and damnit Merlin! Thought this post would be a safe haven ;-)
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