New Golf Movies
By mustang6560 on 8/4/11
I now have two reasons to go to the movies. And for me, that's huge!

Name a "must see", "best of all time", "coming of age" movie, and chances are I haven't seen it. For the record, I watched the Graduate, and the best part of the movie was when the credits started rolling. I could not "appreciate" it for what it was "supposed" to be.

Anywho, I'm excited to go see both movies. Golf in the Kingdom is already out, but it's not in theaters near me and Seven Days in Utopia doesn't open until September 2. Maybe I'll ask kickntrue on man date to go see them because my girlfriend isn't really interested (no homo).

Seven Days in Utopia

Golf in the Kingdom

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Banker85 says:
Seven Days in Utopia looks good, for $1 at the redbox. Golf in the kingdom looks like a snooze fest.
Envythepea says:
I'll wait for the DVD for both of them. That way my wife and daughter can have another complaint that when I'm not playing golf, I'm watching a tournament on tv, and when there's no tournament on tv, I'm watching past tournaments on tv, and when there's no past tournaments, I'm watching people talking about upcoming tournaments, and when there's nobody talking about it I'm watching a boring movie about golf!
Envythepea says:
BTW- The Graduate?
meatball413 says:
the red head from True Blood is in the Utopia flick. Man I hope it is Rated
birdieXris says:
I could watch either. I won't pay for it though. i'll wait for the netflix.
legitimatebeef says:
"Starring KJ Choi as T.K. Oh"


Clint24 says:
Yay! Im not the only one who doesnt go to the movies! Mustang, you have no idea what crap I get from guys at school for not watching movies at all.
Clint24 says:
7 Days in Utopia looks great. The other one, I kept waiting on David Ferehty to make a cameo...
Matt F says:
7 Days in Utopia will be watched here...the other one, not so much.
dartboss04 says:
i read the comments first and thought legitimatebeef was kidding until i watched it through...awesome...

with everyone else on in the kingdom looks too heady and days in utopia looks like a winner...lucas black (luke) is a single digit if not better by now i believe...i wonder if he really putts like that...

i was paired up with someone who putted face on and they were probably the best putter i played with this year...i don't think i have the courage to do that though...
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