Best Golf Cart Fail Compilation Video
By mustang6560 on 8/4/11
This video compilation of the best golf cart fails does not need an introduction. Simply, enjoy!

Golf Cart Fail Compilation

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Banker85 says:
thanks for that! nothing like idiots and golf carts.
homermania says:
My favorite ones are the guys that are fooling around and toss their wives from the cart. No more golf for you!
gpickin says:
Don't you mean: no more wife for you :)
TimmyBede says:
falcon50driver says:
How many readers of this site are now going out to try some of that stuff, load up the kids too, they'll love it.
guzzlingil says:
wow....I am surprised people weren't really hurt....bad...
falcon50driver says:
Guzzlingil, you probably remember when the drink cart girl who was killed by an overturning cart at one of the courses in your area, up at St Francisville, I think it's called the Bluffs. I was playing there right after it happened and there was police tape around the cart area.
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