Rickie Fowler Plays "P.A.R."
By mustang6560 on 8/12/11
In a clever marketing stunt for Red Bull, Rickie Fowler challenges his roommate and fellow PGA Tour player Cameron Tringale to a game of P.A.R. in and around the city of Atlanta ahead of the PGA Championship.

The video is beyond cheesy and staged, but the fact they got to hit golf balls in the middle of downtown Atlanta is legit.

Rickie Fowler, Cameron Tringale golf through downtown Atlanta

photo provided by rickie-fowler.com

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guzzlingil says:
what a life....!!!
homermania says:
Urban golf, love it. I've also always thought it would be fun to hit balls out an MLB park from home plate or shoot "pitching wedge field goals" from the endzone of a football field.
dottomm says:
Yea. What A Life!!
Trav says:
I really like RF, but the word "professional" is not what first comes to mind when his image first pops up in this video.
guzzlingil says:
I had no issues what so ever with the image of RF from this video. I started liking this kid after last years Ryder Cup....he gutted out his Singles match....he is quickly becoming one of my favorites....
brianshaffer32 says:
@trav , do you think Rickie should have been wearing a suit and tie here, the guy is in his early 20's what do you want him to be like...
dartboss04 says:
i'm thinking he meant his acting capability...cou-razzie-gh...
guzzlingil says:
The kid was articulate and well spoken....
Trav says:
@brian - suit and tie, hmmm, the Francis Ouimet/Bobby Jones look, why not? Well, to be serious for a moment, maybe it's because I deal with traditional professionals in business every day and their image is - different. As I said, I like the kid. I have to go police my yard now.
falcon50driver says:
Wow, he could be the next Tiger Woods!
TheBrownCrayon says:
Can we talk about them not knowing how to play P-A-R(or H-O-R-S-E, P-I-G, E-T-C)?!
birdieXris says:
@thebrowncrayon - I was thinking the same thing. That was just 3 holes of closest to the pin.
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