"Da Grip" Music Video
By mustang6560 on 9/15/11
The Golf Boys have met their match in LPGA rookie Tiffany Joh! The rookie recently released a spoof of Freak Nasty's "Da Dip" on her YouTube page called "Da Grip" and it features a few LPGA players dancing and grinding and popping and dipping and gripping to the old school hip hop beat. Is this what happens at LPGA events? If so, I want to go!

I can't stop laughing - instant classic! This is example 7,234,133 of why the Internets is awesome--thank you Al Gore!

For your viewing pleasure, I also embedded the original song by Freak Nasty for those of you who did not get to experience this high school dance ballad of the late 1990s. What a shame!

"Da Grip" by Tiffany Joh

"Da Dip" by Freak Nasty

photo via @tiffjoh

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Kickntrue says:
Tiff Rocks! She's did a song for oobgolf awhile back and it was awesome/hilarious. Unfortunately it isn't linked anymore on her blog. Her whole YouTube channel is awesome and should be consumed. We complain because the PGA Tour guys are all stiff and "jaded," when the LPGA and people like Tiff are the answer. Great stuff!
Banker85 says:
clever, not good dancers. the girl at the end pops it nicely.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Take notes WNBA. Wait, is there still a WNBA?
legitimatebeef says:
This is good stuff. No comparison. Golf Boys is pure retardism and repressed gay fantasy--the world is worse for its existence. Whereas Tiff's little song parody is cute and clever plus it carries some good messages for the golf youth of today. "There ain't no yips in it/Don't put yo' wrists in it" -- you can't argue with that.
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