The Many Faces of Tiger Woods
By mustang6560 on 10/5/11
When it comes to his appearance, Tiger Woods is a fairly plain guy. He never takes a risk with what he wears or how he does his hair (I wish he'd attempt to grow an Afro), and he only occasionally lets his beard see the light of day. So besides putting on a few pounds over the years, Tiger looks relatively the same as he did when he debuted on the PGA Tour.

Have you ever wondered what Tiger Woods would look like if he took a few risks with his appearance? What if he let his beard go wild? Or if he listened to the Grateful Dead? Or if he wasn't a golfer? Well, Golf Digest put together a little video of what Tiger would look like with different hair styles. All in all, I think plain works well for him!

If you have the urge to draw a new do on Tiger, you can download the latest issue of Golf Digest on the iPad. Somebody should do it, but I don't feel like spending $5 or whatever the price is for an digital copy of Golf Digest.


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mjaber says:
He needs to do a "reverse Mr. T." Just shave a stripe down the middle of his head, and let the sides blend into a full beard.
Kurt the Knife says:
Mr. Potatahead
bkuehn1952 says:
Anyone remember when Tiger sported a blond hairstyle? Maybe I am getting confused in my old age but I think he might have lost a wager and had to appear in public with blond hair.
Banker85 says:
TeT says:
Blonde woods...
bkuehn1952 says:
Thanks TeT, I was worried I was starting to lose my mind.
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