Tiger Woods Hot Dog Incident Video
By mustang6560 on 10/10/11
I knew video would eventually surface on the Internets.

In case you haven't heard yet, Tiger Woods was standing over his putt on the 7th hole (his 16th of the day) during the final round of the Frys.com Open when a fan ran under the ropes toward him shouting "Tiger! Tiger!" and proceeded to hurl a hot dog at him. The whole incident was caught on camera but despite pleas from well, everyone, The Golf Channel decided not to air or release the footage.

Well, footage of the Tiger Woods Hot Dog Incident made it out. I can't embed the video, but deadspin.com posted the video so you can check it out here. The man who attempted the hot dog toss was apprehended swiftly by security and cited with a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct. Since it wasn't a felony charge, the man's name was not released to the public.

I know the hot dog never came close to Tiger, but the incident reminds me of the time when a reporter threw a pair of shoes at George Bush during a press conference in Iraq.

photo by Keith Allison

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legitimatebeef says:
I feel bad for Tiger having to watch out for mentally defective psychos. His caddie should carry a gun because there is no accounting for what people will do.
falcon50driver says:
Everyone should carry a gun. We'd have a much more polite society. There'd be no need for airport security either.
ncramsey83 says:
I'm jealous! I can't tell you how many times I'm standing over a putt and all I can think of is "I'm starving, I wish I could get a hot dog right now!!"
falcon50driver says:
Weiner trouble just seems to follow some people.
Matt F says:
@merlin - now that's funny!
Kurt the Knife says:
It was just a weenie trying to return to its mothership.
wrhall02 says:
A Monica Seles type attack is going to happen sooner than later. First Phil with the back slapping incident, now Tiger. Imagine if it were a rock or another object? The PGA is going to have to deal with a violent psychopath in the near future...which will ruin the pleasure of watching live golf forever.
Golf is just a game, but with the amount of money at stake and the amount of crazies in the world...it's only a matter of time.
homermania says:
I don't understand why he ran out on the green. If he wanted to hit Tiger with the hot dog, why not just launch it from the gallery. Even if he was just going for humor points, a stray weiner landing in his line would have sufficed.
aglazier says:
@merlin I'm a gun owner myself, but your comment doesn't make any sense. It does if everyone was rationale, mature, and responsible. Of course we know that is not even close to reality. If everyone carried a gun, this lunatic probably would have shot Tiger. Imagine the thousands of deaths around the country that would occur if all the crazy nutjobs in the world had guns with them at all times. Next time, think before you speak.
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