Precise Path RG3 Robotic Greens Mower
By mustang6560 on 10/18/11
Meet the Precise Path RG3 Robotic Greens Mower, the future of golf course mowers.

The RG3 is a sight to see because it can mow an entire green without human operation and/or human error. I am willing to bet that Ken Magnum, the superintendent at the Atlanta Athletic Club, wishes his grounds crew had an RG3 ahead of the PGA Championship two months ago (remember the lawsuit?)

Anywho, the RG3 is controlled by four beacons placed around the perimeter of the green, which determine it's speed and direction. It still requires some human interaction with the setup and transportion, but once the grounds crew worker gets it up and running, he is free to change the pin location, rake the green side bunkers, etc. The biggest detractor of the RG3 is the price tag - a new one of these bad boys costs somewhere north of $30,000. Most golf courses don't have that kind of money laying around in the budget so it may be a few years before you see the RG3 at your local muni.

The video below of the RG3 in action is worth checking out as it is further evidence that one day robots will control the world.

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homermania says:
falcon50driver says:
I've always wanted to try tying a rope to a self propelled mower, then tie the other end to a stake in the middle of the yard, and just let it wind itself up.(redneck robot). Now that I have a 15 acre front yard I may give that a try.
birdieXris says:
seems like a great idea but not for 30K. I mean, it probably takes twice the time of a manned mower. It turns very slowly and that doesn't even count the setup time. I dunno. I say if you could make them like roombas or something where they're in the shed and you punch in what hole they are to cut and they find their way there and to a pre-determined starting point, i say then we'll talk. Using GPS or something for 30,000 bucks.
dsferris says:
First the Iphone 4s talks back to you, now this, has NOONE seen IRobot, or Terminator, or Eagle Eye?
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