Should PGA Tour Release Voting Results?
By mustang6560 on 12/14/11
Yesterday, the PGA Tour formally crowned world number one Luke Donald Player of the Year and PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley Rookie of the Year. Neither award came as a surprise. It seemed the announcement was merely a formality because both players were expected to win their respective awards.

However, we don't actually know how close the voting was OR how many ballots were returned by the players (rumor is Luke won by a landslide). And that is something's Michael Collins thinks the PGA Tour ought to share with us. I wouldn't mind seeing the results, not because I don't trust the PGA Tour or believe in the process, rather I think it would hold the players accountable to make sure they vote. Right now, there is no punishment for not voting (that I know of).

What do you think, should the PGA Tour release the results of the voting?

Time To Fix PGA Tour's Awards?

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legitimatebeef says:
It doesn't matter. I've about had it with these off season news stories.
bkuehn1952 says:
Individual votes should not be revealed. The same with whether someone even voted. Frankly, even knowing the vote totals means little; who will remember the player that finished second a year or two from now?

Perhaps it is time for an objective point system (similar to the LPGA). I believe the PGA (not the PGA Tour) already employs a points system.
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