Matt Every Stirs The Pot
By mustang6560 on 1/16/12
Matt Every made a little noise, both on and off the course, at the Sony Open. On the course, he played well enough in the first three rounds to hold a share of the 54-hole lead at Waialae and off the course, his response to Kelly Tilghman's question regarding his 2010 suspension turned some heads for, let's say, his blatant honesty.

Let's watch Matt's interview.

Normally, public figures are prepared to answer those kind of questions. But, apparently, nobody told Matt to expect a question or two about his three-month suspension from last season. I do not fault Matt for answering honestly (each to his own). However, I think he could have provided a better response.

Something along the lines of:
{Question 1}: "The suspension was an unfortunate situation but I am happy to be back playing golf and am excited about the upcoming season."

{Question 2}: Well, Kelly, I am still the same person. I am the husband to a loving wife and the father to a wonderful child. However, I realized that I am fortunate to be play golf for a living so I want to make sure I do the things necessary to stay on tour."
Oh well, you live and you learn. Hopefully Matt did learn something from his suspension. Regardless of the situation, life is about constantly learning. The one's who forget to keep studying are the one's who get left behind.

* * *

Did anyone else see the ridiculousness that was Matt Every's putter? Alex Miceli of GolfWeek has the background.

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photo by dgferreira

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legitimatebeef says:
Matt Every comes off like a douche but still I respect the guy for trying to say all that stuff. Turns out he was never convicted of anything. Sounds like he was just caught hanging out with some caddies and possibly enjoying a little reefer. So what. He didn't really do anything wrong in this instance, so to say that he wasn't really changed by the experience seems perfectly reasonable. Clearly Kelly "lynch Tiger in a back alley" Tilghman was trying to steer Matt Every into a certain kind of predictable pollyanna response so thankfully he did not play along. The rest of society has mostly gotten over its phobia of pot-smoke so the golf world needs to get with the times.
guzzlingil says:
Matt was totally unprepared for that question....he ought to solicit some advice from a PR firm.......I am sure he will be put in the same situation again....
legitimatebeef says:
@gil Then again he is just Matt Every. I can see why a Rory McIlroy type needs counsel from PR specialists but Matt Every not so much. I don't want to live in a world where every last person who appears before a TV camera gets coached on how to act. The world of TV is already so phony and contrived down to the last detail, and it is refreshing when honest stuff like this slips through the cracks. Besides Matt Every had just talked about the suspension with the general press before sitting down with Kelly Tilghman. He was kind of on a mission to publicly state his feelings about it.
srogers13 says:
Actually, Every brought it up first in his post round interview after his second round where he took the lead. After that interview, he went to talk to Kelly Tilghman, where she started asking him about what he brought up earlier. So if he was caught off guard by her questions, he should call a penalty on himself for bringing it up first.

As for his putter, the best description I saw about it was from Jason Sobel, who said it was built to block out nudity on a basic cable movie.
Dusty23 says:
I saw it live on TV as it happened, sounded to me like the kid had just got done smoking some weed. I have a funny feeling this kid is going to have a ticket to a whizz quiz at every tournament he shows up to.
joe jones says:
As some of you know I play with a putter that I made out of a weight from a brass lamp. I call it "Big Ugly". Matt's putter qualifies as Big Ugly 2 but if it works it's cool. Now all I can do is wait for the traditionalists to try to ban it for some dumb reason. It must be conforming or he wouldn't use it.
joe jones says:
I like Kelly Tilghman but she could have used a bit more discretion in the interview. I don't think she would have asked the same questions if it had been one of the bigger PGA stars sitting in front of her.
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