Gary Woodland Is Long
By mustang6560 on 2/3/12
Gary Woodland earned a spot on the highlight reel yesterday thanks to his tee shot on the "medium length" par 4 10th hole at TPC Scottsdale. The 10th hole is a mere 404 yards so naturally, the big hitting University of Kansas standout reached for his driver to go for the green because 400 yards is the new 300 yards.

What stands out to me is Gary had to hit over the driving range to get there. When's the last time you thought, "hmm, I need to go up and over the driving range to..."?

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gpickin says:
Usually after I hit the ball I think, crap, I hope I clear the driving range :)
TeT says:
UMM did you see where bubba was chipping from,,, just off the fringe...
srogers13 says:
What was funny was he almost one bounced his drive into one of the trash cans, but it wedged between the two middle cans.
mmontisano says:
dude is the same height and build as me, but i'm not even remotely close to being as long as him. i have no clue how these guys do it.
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