Science Behind Jamie Sadlowski
By mustang6560 on 2/10/12
Jamie Sadlowski, the two time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion, and I have similar builds. He's 5'11" and 168 pounds, and I'm 5'11" and 162 pounds. So in theory, our average driving distance should be similar, right? But in reality, he makes me look like an 8th grader who has braces off the tee.

Despite our similarities in stature, Sadlowski is much different than me and virtually every other golfer of average height and size because he can absolutely crush the ball. Heck, he's even longer than most professional golfers. ESPN's Sport Science broke down exactly how Jamie can hit drives of well over 400 yards with relative ease.

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gpickin says:
I need to know what putter he is driving 288 yards with.
There is a gap in my bag :)
Kurt the Knife says:
yay the guy can hit it big and all props to him. But WTH with the production standards. About 50 explosion and "whoosh" sounds in less than 3 minutes. pretty ridiculous and distracting.
Duke of Hazards says:
How demoralizing would it be if you got paired with that guy at your local course and he stepped up and ripped a 288yd drive with his putter, blowing past your drive? LOL
Kurt the Knife says:
I've gotten used to it.
SD Charlie says:
@KTK - It's Sports Science, they love that stuff. KABOOM!! Pow! Pow! Kerrrrplunk! I think ESPN assumes their viewers are all 14-year-old boys..
Banker85 says:
ya f'ing right! 288 yards with a putter? I would have to see this to beleive. bolgna.
srogers13 says:
I had seen John Daly on TV hit a putter 260.
Kurt the Knife says:
but does the guy play any golf?
looked at his website n kinda felt a little sad.
the kid's like a circus sideshow kinda.
drjebj says:
I used to practice hitting my putter 150 in the air and used it to win bets over water hazards.
jrbizzle says:
A standard putter is about 3-5 degrees of loft. If you have a solid swing and make good contact off a tee, it's going to fly far. He probably duffed 3 or 4 before finally ripping one good.
jcstoll says:
Sheesh. In a match play round against him, I'd handicap him closer to my level by making him hit his drives through cantaloupes.
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