Caddie vs. Alligator
By mustang6560 on 4/13/12
It appears as though Brian Gay is afraid of alligators, which is a little surprising.

The 2009 RBC Heritage champion not only resides in the state of Florida where alligators are abundant, but he also attended the University of Florida and its mascot is an alligator. However, Brian wanted nothing to do with the 10-foot alligator that was near his ball on the par-5 15th yesterday.

Luckily, Brian's caddie, Kip Henley, isn't afraid of a little 10-foot alligator. Kip casually grabbed one of the rakes from the bunker and shooed it away. The alligator was stubborn, so it took a few swats, but it eventually swam far enough away for Brian to hit his shot.

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Flickr, Keith Allison

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birdieXris says:
Way to go announcers.. "the rules official would have to determine that it's a dangerous situation".... no kidding? i think a DINOSAUR NEAR YOUR BALL is probably a dangerous situation.
id3st says:
haha!!! so it's could've been easily called unplayable and had relief?
homermania says:
That's why you always include "gator swatter" in your caddie contract.
Kurt the Knife says:
Not wise to mess with gators. They can sprint faster than any human and if they get ahold of any of your dangley/extremity bits, they start spinnin around to rip it off. Seen it happen to one cat's arm. Bizarre to see someone's humerus make 3 full rotations in a couple seconds.
Duke of Hazards says:
Ha! A gator with "gaydar".
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
A golf pro I know who works at Golf Galaxy showed me some pics of guy fishing for his golf ball next a green. A gator took both of his arms off just above his elbows. A few years ago, I was playing with my father in law in Orlando. He skulled a ball across the green into the water and I was fishing for it with my putter. I never saw the three small gators sunning on the bank. I got out of there real quick like.
TeT says:
haha funny, lil' ol' ten footer....

Whats the ruling on if the gator moves the ball?
srogers13 says:
Move the ball back to it's original location (provided Mr Gator has decided to vacate.)
legitimatebeef says:
Frankly I'm surprised to hear that the guy who's afraid of alligators is Gay. Not that there's anything wrong with it of course.
joagargo says:
Beware of the Greenpeace nuts or the animal rights activists!!! Don't harm that gator.
srogers13 says:
You know the LPGA girls were thinking about a nice new handbag made of Gator.
Geoffre14 says:
Wait, so did Gay make a decent shot or did his nerves get to him?
tartantoml says:
Being a resident of Florida probably makes you better aware of the capabilities of these reptiles. I like the idea of getting relief from the "hazard", but not by it lunging and scaring the sh*t out of you.

I eat gator tails at restaurants whenever I can, but never see one missing a tail.
Kurt the Knife says:
Here in CA, there are these sea mammal protection statutes that prohibit hassling or otherwise bugging seals, sea lions and the like.
Its hilarious to see the occasional sea lion lounging on the local beach surrounded by a 30' cordon of yellow police tape and an officer guarding the critter.
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