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Want To Take Lexi Thompson To Prom?
By mustang6560 on 4/26/12
I am guessing the majority of oobers do not fit Lexi's criteria, but maybe you know someone who does.

watch video

Image via LexiThompson.com

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legitimatebeef says:
Poor kid, too bad she couldn't have just been asked by some nice boy she knows from school. This all seems kind of awkward and I bet there is some kind of promotional agenda behind it.
srogers13 says:
first problem with that, beef, is that she as been home schooled, so that would leave one of her brothers taking her.
guzzlingil says:
I wish I were 18-20................................................
homermania says:
Hi, I'm Chris Hanson... have a seat.
glenrich says:
18-20 year old guy who is in the service?
I doubt there are any 18 yr old guys who are already in the service (they should be still in school going to their own prom).

And what guy who is 19/20 and in the service is going to go to any high school prom?

This should be interesting.
Matt F says:
I think it's a bit sad if you have to ask someone to ask you out...even worse posting a you tube video to do it.
srogers13 says:
I believe it all started as a throw away line on an LPGA telecast last month, where they mentioned her prom was coming up, and she did not have a date. Then I think her sponsors got involved in the process.
mjguzik says:
I want to say that I met this age requirement some 30+ years ago. Joined the Army - with parental consent - when I was 17 after graduating. Turned 18 while in jump school. I think it is something with the allowable school starting age date in Florida. I can see a lot of young men - with a baby face and barely shaving - interested if they have enough leave accrued.
DougE says:
Even if I was 18-20, Lexi wouldn't interest me. Now Paula Creamer, on the other hand....
Kurt the Knife says:
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