Relive the 1962 U.S. Open
By mustang6560 on 5/2/12
In the 1962 U.S. Open at Oakmont, a young Jack Nicklaus defeated Arnold Palmer in an 18-hole playoff to capture his first of 18 major titles - a record that stands to this day.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Jack's triumph, NBC plans to air a documentary prior to the final round of the 2012 U.S. Open at Olympic Club.

The USGA released a trailer so you can catch a preview of the documentary below.

watch video

Image via Flickr, Ed

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Duke of Hazards says:
cool stuff. it's interesting watching how those guys play.
mjaber says:
Can you "relive" something if you weren't alive when it happened?
jpjeffery says:
As an English tax-payer, it's a little disappointing to see this documentary has been "made possible" by RBS.
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