O.B. 1, the Mini Helicopter Video Camera
By mustang6560 on 5/9/12
If you tune into television coverage of the Players Championship this week, you might notice something a little different.

The Golf Channel and NBC will be debuting O.B. 1 (and Provisional 2), a mini helicopter video camera, which was used to film the aerial flyovers for each hole at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass.
Ben McClung and Jose Buezas decided their professional golf careers weren't going much further than mini-tours.

Now, instead of playing championship golf courses, they're capturing aerial shots of the courses on video, with the use of a small remote-controlled helicopter that weighs all of 15 pounds but might be worth much more than its weight in business.

McClung, a Jacksonville resident who played golf at Vanderbilt, and Buezas, a native of Argentina, have formed Sky Golf Productions. With the use of their two small copters (named O.B. 1 and Provisional 2) that have a video camera attached, they buzz golf holes at a low altitude to create flyover shots for use on a facility's web site or, in this week's case, shots of the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course on NBC and The Golf Channel.
You can watch a video of O.B. 1 in action here or you can watch a video of the end result here.

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Image via Flickr, Nicholas Heasman-Walsh

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Kurt the Knife says:
I don't trust helicopters of any size. With all the constantly changing aerodynamics, mechanical and gyroscopic forces, I swear its a miracle they don't simply fly apart.
Briefly piloted one once.

Sorcery I tell ya.

I'm a sailplane guy. Took me days to get the stench of Jet-A offa me.
elhacker says:
What's the saying about helicopters? "They beat the air into submission."
GolferAnt says:
the videos look awesome
DoubleDingo says:
Kurt, I have to share a story about when I was on call for fueling aircraft at the local airport. I had been trained for everything except thunderstorms. I was fueling a helicopter and noticed some dark clouds nearby. Then a see a flash, so I count, "One One Thousand........", and got to 6-1-1,000 before the crack of thunder hit. Then another...3-1-1,000. So I asked the pilot if he knew what the rules were regarding lightning and fueling because I was very fearful. He didn't know, so I continued until the tank was full, but there was one last strike before it was full. I saw the flash and before I could count the sound of thunder was there. I about crapped my pants. I later found out all fueling operations are to shut down when lightning is striking within a 5 mile radius.
Kurt the Knife says:
There's another saying that they're so ugly, they don't fly. The earth repels them.

Real planes use only a single stick to fly. This is why bulldozers & helicopters — in that order — need two.
— Paul Slattery

one last one:
The helicopter is a machine trying to commit suicide, our job is convincing her to fly...
Dusty23 says:
I was a Landing Signals Officer on a ship in my Coast Guard days and we use to land helos all the time. One of the safety requirements along with goggles, helmets and lifejackets was steel toe shoes. One time my boss was doing the landing and I was his backup and I pointed out to him that he didn't have his steel toe boots on. He leaned in and said to me "Dusty, if that helo lands on my foot, we got more problems then what happens to my toes." Made sense to me.
elhacker says:
@Dusty HH-60's or 65's? A 60J would put a hurting on your hairdo.

@ Kurt I have a few drunk, golfing, engineering buddies who build those things right down the road from my house. Even though they're friends, and knowing how much duct tape they use, you couldn't pay me enough to fly in one.
Dusty23 says:
Elhacker- 60's & 65's, Used to crash some Navy guys on deck too, SH2 LAMPS, I think. (its been 15 yrs since I gave up that fun)
to DoubleDingo- Think thunder and lightning is fun, try a hot refuel to an in flight helo tending the fuel line while the helo hovers 10ft over your head.
tennesseeboy says:
Who needs the Players Championship. Do the same thing during your next round using your smart phone and this thing. ardrone.parrot.com
elhacker says:
I believe static discharge from the mrb will flash ignite jp-8. You guys are playing with fire with your inflight refueling and playing in thunderstorms. You might as well play golf in a lighting storm.
DoubleDingo says:
@Dusty23, I never did the hot refuel. I wouldn't want to because the aircraft isn't grounded and the static electricity could easily cause a huge mess after the explosion.

@elhacker, I did play in when the lightning was striking about 12 miles out. When it got closer I high-tailed it out of there.
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