Golf Channel & NBC replayed golf swing in 360 degrees
By mustang6560 on 5/14/12
Did anyone else notice the 360 Replays during the broadcast of the Players Championship?

I really liked the idea of the 360 Replays. However, I didn't think they provided any more "insight" than a still image.

What did you think of the 360 Replays?

watch video

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legitimatebeef says:
i saw it
homermania says:
The future!
GoGo says:
Cool!It is crazy 3D picture!!How did they manage to do that?
kingwood hacker says:
it's all ball bearings these days boys
Banker85 says:
i am with you nate, they sucked. i get more out of the konika minolta biz hub swing vision gizmo gadget thingy majig technology slow motion machine.
Virtuaframax says:
the slow motion with the konica minolta is much better... once they get the movement in the 360 3D, then we are talkin'
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