Kevin Na hits shot off cart path
By mustang6560 on 5/14/12
Kevin Na hit a pretty ridiculous shot during the final round of the Players Championship. But, since he wasn't in contention, I guess the PGA Tour decided to exclude it from its "Shot of the Week" highlight reel.

Said shot was Kevin's second on the par-4 18th hole at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. His tee shot landed in an area deemed "ground under repair" so he was given relief without penalty. Kevin decided his best bet was to drop on the cart path, which seemed a little unorthodox since most players usually take relief off of the cart path. Regardless, Kevin hit a beauty of a shot and it resulted in a GIR and two-putt par.

The video accomplishes two things, in my opinion. First, it's another example of how good professional golfers truly are (not everyone can hit a hybrid off of the cart path). And second, it lets you see how uncomfortable Kevin appeared yesterday during the final round of the Players. It takes him a solid minute before he hits the ball.

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Image via Flickr, Keith Allison

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GBogey says:
A pro showed how to do this once during a clinic. Really not that hard if you don't care about scrapping your clubs. Given that Na gets all the replacement clubs he wants it wasn't a bad option. For me my clubs are too big a part of my budget already.
legitimatebeef says:
OK Nate and everyone else is golf media we get it--they are so good at golf, we are so hopeless. they are wonderful, we are pond scum. They can hit golf balls flush, we should get on our knees and thank God any time contact is made. Look away for I'm hideous.
mustang6560 says:
@beef- You make me laugh out loud more than any other user on oob with your sarcastic comments.
Duke of Hazards says:
I feel guilty for watching him setup for that shot and hoping for a train wreck, just to see his reaction. Na's face should be the photo in the dictionary under the word 'frazzled'.
clevelandstever says:
I love how so many people crushed this guy for having going +4 on the final round, but personally I am impressed. He was absolutely 'frazzled' as Duke said, but he still managed to grind out a round and stay near the leaderboards. No one is ripping Ian Poulter for going +4 on day 2 after having the lead, and let's not forget God's Gift himself, Rory McIlroy went +4 and missed the cut. Yeah, Na did not rise to the occasion, but he still grinded all day and despite being shaky managed to stay in the top 10. He drops 2 more strokes and it is almost $100,000 less of a purse. I say good job hanging on.
falcon50driver says:
Mickelson did this same shot not too long ago.
DougE says:
IMO, hitting a fairway wood off of hard pan is much easier than hitting one out of rough. A cart path is about the same as hard pan except you may damage the club a little. If you are afraid to damage the club, then you probably won't do well hitting off the path. I doubt Na was too worried about damaging the club. It was likely the last opportunity of the tourney where he would need it anyway, being that the situation occurred on the final hole of the final day.

Now if it were an iron shot, where you would typically hit DOWN on the ball, THEN I would consider it a great shot. In that case, you take the chance of damaging your club, but also, your wrist or elbow or shoulder too.
Dusty23 says:
The thing that impressed me the most with this shot, was how he maintained his footing through the shot. You could hear throughout his entire preshot madness that he was wearing metal spikes, so to not have his feet slip at all throughout the swing was impressive to me.
DaRupp13 says:
Hitting off concrete isn't that difficult. When I worked at a golf course in MD, we had 3-4 golf bags stuffed with clubs people left behind and never claimed. We would hit off the concrete onto a tent. Sure it sparks, destroys the club, and worst case gives your wrists a little stinger, but it's the best lie you could ask for. Flop shots are a little difficult though...
TeT says:
Id hit off of the cart path all day long if I was getting free sticks; perfect lie ... No fat shots, no grass grabbing your club face...

Did not get shot of the day because it was crappy shot execution; hes lucky it got on the green with where he landed it.
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