I now understand Ben Crane
By mustang6560 on 5/17/12
Prior to watching this video on the University of Oregon men's golf team, I used to lie awake at night wondering why Ben Crane behaves the way he does. Where on earth did the former University of Oregon player find the inspiration for his goofy videos? Or that awful red spandex jumpsuit?

Well, now I know.

It seems as though the University of Oregon produces an eclectic type of golfer (or are eclectic golfers attracted to the University of Oregon?). I will admit, though, just like Ben Crane's videos, this video is mildly entertaining.

watch video

Image via Flickr, prayitno

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DoubleDingo says:
Well, know I now? hehehehehe
mustang6560 says:
Reads fine to me ;)
Banker85 says:
Ben must have missed the SPEED portion of his time at Oregon... kinda funny.
mmontisano says:
15 minute video? no thanks....
Scott Shields says:
“I am speaking to you, as we speak, from the now, from the middle of the now.”
falcon50driver says:
I'm sorry to say, that I once watched a ben crane video. At least now I know where NOT to waste my time.
Clint24 says:
Just pasty white boys with bad tans...like the rest of us!

I enjoyed this. Really funny.
scottccherry says:
Go Ducks.
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