Can a Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster catch a golf ball?
By mustang6560 on 6/21/12
I am definitely not a sports car junkie, so "SLS" and "AMG" and "Roadster" mean nothing to me. But, it doesn't take an aficionado to know that any sports car that can catch a golf ball out of the air while traveling at 120 miles per hours is bad ass.

Jalopink has the story.
Mercedes-Benz got British pro golfer Jake Shepherd to hit a 178 mph drive down the runway where they film Top Gear as Scottish ex-F1 driver David Coulthard hammered past at 120. On just the second attempt, Coulthard managed to slow the car down right under the ball, watching as it dropped into the cabin at about 300 yards from the tee. That's a new Guinness world record for the furthest golf shot caught in a moving car.
One of my life goals is to drive a sports car in the desert at top speeds near 200 miles per hour, and after watching this video, it only reinforces that dream!

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Image via Flickr, sarahlarson

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gpickin says:
Top Gear is one of the best shows ever.
I saw this one

In the american Top Gear (not the best show ever), they had to try and outrun a golf ball, not quite as cool :)
ppinkert says:
wild i think the coolest part was watching the wing deploy as the car got up to speed.
GolfSmith7 says:
I've done 160 on the highway late at night :)
DoubleDingo says:
The fastest I've been was 130 on I5, and the car I was in made it feel like I was only doing 80. Needless to say we made the 21 mile trip from the rest area to the gas station in 13 minutes. (Didn't go 130 the entire way; too dangerous for everyone around, but it was fun.)
DoubleDingo says:
And that is a cool video!!
SpaceMaNy0 says:
He should have stuck his hand out and tried to catch it.

I wonder who funded this.
mmontisano says:
amazing stunt, but that car is so much more beautiful in the hard top version with the gull wing doors.
Matt McGee says:
I was on I-5 north of Seattle yesterday morning at about 6:30. got passed by a group of Audis and custom VWs doing about 110-120. That looked like fun. I have to guess that it would be more fun in a convertible Mercedes.
Great video.
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