Shanty Creek Resort adds second set of cups
By mustang6560 on 6/26/12
The folks at Shanty Creek Resort announced their plan to implement a second set of cups on each green of its Schuss Mountain course. But, unlike the traditional 4 1/4 inch cups, the second set will be 8-inches in diameter.

The second set of holes is Shanty Creek's attempt to adopt the new "Golf 2.0" initiative, which is supposed to help grow the game of golf by making it more fun for those of us who suck.
"This is a very unique and unprecedented program we are implementing at Shanty Creek Resorts. Guests will have an option every day to play either the regular tees to the traditional cups or move to the forward tees and play to the 8-inch cups," explains Brian Kautz, director of golf and PGA Professional for SCR. "We have four golf courses at our resort, so this was the perfect opportunity to convert one of our courses and implement this program. Hopefully, this will help grow the game of golf."
It already feels bad enough when your putt lips out of a 4 1/4 inch cup. But, can you imagine how bad would you feel if you lipped out of an 8" cup?

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hughesj says:
So, how many folks out playing are really worried about their score and actual handicap that "suck"? Vice placing crazy 8" cups, just play club length rules???

Don't see any other courses following this if they want to be taken serious as a golf course vice some oversized putt-putt course.

Just my opinion...
guzzlingil says:
I don't see the bigger cup increasing pace of play or making golf more enjoyable.....
falcon50driver says:
At our age this is the only cup size we are interested in.
gpickin says:
Funny, I think if more people want to play because of this, its still going to make golf less popular

Why? Everyone keeps talking about pace of play, so more people will require more courses, because its too slow already, hence half the issue I think.

It costs money to play, and its slow, because the courses can't make enough money to open another course, more people wanting to play will only make the pace slower and therefore drive away more people.

We need more courses, they need to able to sustain themselves, but more courses are closing, leaving the ones left with too many people.

Its one of those viscious circles, i dont think 8 inch cups is going to solve anything.
c5agalb says:
Comparatively speaking, putting for a beginner golfer is easier then trying to hit a driver, wedge, or long iron and keeping the ball in play. Narrow fairways, forced carries, and killer rough are all deterrents to the beginner. When was the last time we saw a beginners course?
clevelandstever says:
Normally I love larger cup sizes, but this is not one of those times.....
ppinkert says:
I can just see a perfect hit and hole in one. In the wrong cup. Bummer..
CeeBee says:
Two things continue to slow it up: so pace will never improve.
1. People will never move to proper tee for their level of play.
2. Putt, mark. Putt, mark again.
sigmapete1 says:
Great, because when the cup gets bigger, the guy who took 11 shots to get to the green will all of a sudden stick it close. Most hackers play a 4ft wide cup anyway, its called a "gimmie." This is really stupid.
SteveMM says:
Sounds like fun for bringing the kids along to the course so they can have an easier time with the "big boy course" ... but not much else.
BigDoctorJ says:
+1 to sigmapete

You want more people to play you need more courses at LOWER prices! Don't they get it, I would play EVERY day if it was affordable but when it costs 50-100 bucks for one frickin round how can anyone play?

Also, tee it forward, not gonna work. Close, far, it doesn't matter, the problem is execution and that is hard to do when you can only afford to play once or twice a month!
carv712 says:
I wouldn't dismiss Tee it Forward so quickly. Ask yourself this question: What course would I score better on, a 5100 yard course or a 6900 yard course? When you miss a 200 yard approach shot to the left by closing the club face by 10% it is going to put you in a worse position than if you had the same miss on a 130 yard apporach shot. Its called geometry.
joe jones says:
All those in favor of "Play it forward" continue to use it. All those against it kindly hit the mute button.
CeeBee says:
Joe, I'm with you brother. But ego's are in the way. The last round I played I could not believe the people playing the back tees. I was hooked up with 2 guys on the first tee and they were gonna play the Blues. 6850,par 71. I played white. 6400. A single caught us at #8. He was on the blue tee's too. None of them broke 100.
joe jones says:
I have seen players at $300 courses insist on playing from the tips.When they finish after shooting 110 or so they complain about the rotten course and swear they never will come back. I'd rather enjoy my round and want to come back to play it again. It takes all kinds.
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
It's like going from a b cup to a d cup. Much more to play on.
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