The (unofficial) longest golf hole in the world
By mustang6560 on 7/10/12
I've never been to Detroit, but from what I hear, it's a dying struggling city. It was struggling before the financial crisis (at one point, I read an article about how you could buy a home for $1) and "The Great Recession" of 2007 furthered its slide.

To highlight the dire situation in the Motor City, TV personality Charlie LeDuff created the "I Heart the D Golf Invitational". Unlike most traditional 18-hole, par 72 golf courses, Charlie played an 18-mile, par 3,168 hole through the streets of Detroit from 8 Mile to Belle Isle Golf Club. Along the way, Charlie talked to Michiganders who feel the struggle of the city first hand.

And if you're curious, Charlie managed to play the 18-mile hole in 2,525 strokes, which translates to 643-under-par. I thought the in-depth story was quite clever. It's long but interesting. If you have a few minutes to spare at your desk, you should check it out.

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Image via Flickr, CAVE CANEM

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Kurt the Knife says:
Grew up there.
Surprised that cat wasn't stabbed after his first five strokes.
SD Charlie says:
My brother lives in MI. They're golf-crazy over there. Probably due to the long-ish winters.
Banker85 says:
looks like a poor man's David Feherty, very interesting. Sad how beaten down the city is. The other reporter is a jackass.
homermania says:
643 under par... not bad.
dartboss04 says:
pretty good piece...thanks for sharing...
phraynck says:
If you could piece the land together enough to make it work you could put in a golf course within the city limits for cheaper than anywhere in the entire US. I think this course would easily qualify as the most dangerous also. That's a real rough area(even by Detroit standards) that he goes thru. Do guns count as clubs? You may want to replace your 3iron with a glock. What does the USGA say about how many bullets you're allowed to carry?
Kurt the Knife says:
Isn't the PGA limit 14?
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