Kid tries to steal Troy Matteson's golf ball
By mustang6560 on 7/16/12
I'm a little surprised no one sent me a link to the video of the youngster who was caught on tape trying to steal Troy Matteson's golf ball yesterday at the John Deere Classic.

As much fun as I would like to make of this kid, I can't because I feel like it was something I would have done as a kid. He found out quickly that you can't pick up golf balls on the golf course during a live tournament. And I bet you he won't do it again!

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Image via Flickr, One Tree Hill Studios

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birdieXris says:
I still don't believe people do this stuff. It's not baseball. if it goes outside the ropes it's not free to take home.
SteveMM says:
Ah, Xris, you're right, but I'm not sure I'd expect a kid to know that. He's probably been to a baseball game or two and was told "hey, maybe you'll catch a foul ball and get to take it home!"
legitimatebeef says:
The boy looks way past old enough to know better. He also looks like he knows he's doing something wrong, he's lookin around, trying to be stealthy. Conclusion--he's a punk! But look at everyone else, they are all lost. A rather unflattering slice of life on display here.
snuffyword says:
A few years ago, I took my then 12-year old daughter to an LPGA event. I told her about proper golf etiquette and how to behave as a spectator. On one tee box, Karin Sjodin was waiting to tee off. She noticed my daughter and tossed a ball towards her. My daughter didn't know what to do. I told her it was ok to pick it up. The caddie told us that Karin will sign the ball after her round.

However, on another teeing area, as Paula Creamer was picking up her tee, my daughter yelled out "I love you, Paula!" instead of the obligatory "Get in the hole!" I gave her a dirty look but she ended up with a pink ball, as well, after the round.
Matt McGee says:
That kid just learned why professional golfers call penalties on themselves. Can't get away with anything when you're on TV.
falcon50driver says:
I watched a guy drive into my fairway and hit my ball across to the adjacent fairway. When I got to the spot where my ball had been, I asked the guy why he had hit my ball. He said that it was his ball, I asked him what kind he was playing, he said a titleist. So I drove my cart across to where he hit it and picked up the ball and showed him it had my mark. He didn't seem to like it when I drove off with it.
Torleif Sorenson says:
M3D makes another excellent point - when you mark your ball in a distinctive way, you can prove that it doesn't belong to somebody else. I use the dimples on the ball to mark mine with an 8th-note. 1000 points to Merlin.

1000 points also to snuffyword for taking your daughter to an LPGA event.
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