Phil Mickelson: I've been lethargic lately
By mustang6560 on 7/27/12
Wonder why Phil Mickelson has not played like Phil Mickelson lately? It's because he's been lethargic.

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Image via Flickr, Jim Epler

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bobhooe says:
I have noticed the hog pointers are back
mustang6560 says:
Hog pointer?
Banker85 says:
He needs a 5-Hour energy, Jim hook your boy up!

Nice, the anchor said he won the Masters twice! what a slap in the face do your homework. 3 times Masters Champ!
Banker85 says:
He should be a sponsor for Clear Eyes, man his eyes are always red.
bobhooe says:
man cans Nathan, moobs
Kurt the Knife says:
Give the dude a break. Psoriatic atrhritis is a pretty nasty condition. His change in appearance can likely be linked to his disease condition, therapeutic approaches, (anti-inflammitories, immunosupressants, and sometimes TNF alpha inhibitors...serious stuff)and metabolic reaction to all the above. All capable of contributing to physical changes like weight gain and local inflammatory manifestaions such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis (often due to global immuno-compromise from drug treatment) and dermal psoriatic lesions.

Have a heart ya'll. Remember the cat's sick.
legitimatebeef says:
Lethargy is bad for the golf game in so many ways. Your swing lacks the usual pop, your body responds by trying to manufacture power by some other means which is a recipe for disaster. Hopefully for Phil it is just a phase, we all have them. But looking at his game lately I get the feeling he doesn't practice as hard as he could. After all he is in the process of becoming the San Diego padres part owner among who knows what other business doings. Let's face it--Phil is no stranger to slumps. He bounced back every other time.

Or maybe he split his nutsack earlier in the year giving Tiger the beatdown in the final round at Pebble. That was a huge feat maybe. He didn't just thrash Tiger he got to beat the Dallas Cowboy's quarterback at the same time, in a sense. Perhaps this was where Phillyboy blew his wad, we all know that as you get older it takes longer for your wad to replenish.
chipotle mg says:
I'll second the wad theory proposed by legitmatebeef.
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