"There is no originality at highest level"
By mustang6560 on 8/8/12
Last night on Live from the PGA Championship, Brandel Chamblee made a few interesting comments about the talent at the highest level.

In short, the polarizing Golf Channel analyst thinks originality at the highest level is dead and as a whole, the top golfers in today's game are weaker than the used to be. Love him or hate him, he backs up his argument with some interesting stats.

In case you missed it, I've embedded the video below.

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legitimatebeef says:
He was on fire. He is always going on these jags like he is the righteous mouth of the game of golf or something. It is an interesting point, and it certainly appears like originality is missing at the higher levels. Which is in part why people are fascinated with Tiger, his game is singular, or at least looks that way. Phil too. I agree with what he says about videotaping and how the lack of originality is largely attributable to that.
bo_ruz says:
Meh, I'm on the fence... I agree with both guys. Has originality left the game? Yes to a certain extent, but we still have guys named Bubba and Phil. Is the best way to get to the top, to imitate the best? Yes, why the heck would you not want to swing and play like Tiger?! The guy is a beast. There will always be a little originality... but, if I can learn to make my swing better by imitating Rory or Tiger, I will! simple.
bobhooe says:
he also said this weeks test is like bull riding and that a lot of guys are "scared to death" of this course. not sure that 4 days of challenging golf is anything like 8 seconds on a huge animal that just got his nuts zapped and wants to kill you.
Bryan K says:
This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Golfers in the '70's better than the golfers of today? Whatever. The reason why teachers and players started copying the greats is because the greats found out what worked the best through trial and error. These days, the greats don't have to spend twenty years of trial and error to figure out what works the best. They can simply copy the best and using that same time to hone those tried and true skills.

The reason why Tiger's stiffest competition has never stared him down and beaten him is because of the fact that the talent pool among Tiger's stiffest competition is so much larger. It's really that simple.
Wayneo says:
In today's technology age, frame by frame swing analysis, slow motion, etc. It's easy to understand why so many golfers swings look so amazingly similar. How a golfer creates power, hits a stinger, a low or high shot, is all easier to understand through modern technology. Training routines, etc. Overall, I believe professional golfers have improved, and to copy what works is the greatest form of flattery.
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