Should anchoring be banned?
By mustang6560 on 8/9/12
I was thoroughly impressed with The Golf Channel's in-depth story on the long putter on Live from the PGA Championship. The report covers the history of the long putter in professional golf and it talks about the effects a ban would have on the players, the professional tours, and the equipment manufacturers. And at the end, Brandel Chamblee, Frank Nobilo, and Tim Rosaforte discuss the issue with Rich Lerner.

In case you missed it, I've embedded the video below.

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Image via Flickr, Two Roses

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jcstoll says:
I thought Justin Rose's comment was an interesting one - that it can give a player an advantage with respect to how he performed with the short putter, but it's not clear that it gives him an advantage over other golfers.

Also, regarding Mike Davis's quote from last year to the effect of it's not like the use of the long putter is rampant - he was using that as a reason not to worry about it, and not to do anything about it? That's when something should be done (if ever) - when it's not as painful. How many people were putting croquet-style besides Snead when they banned it? I'm guessing that got nipped in the bud long before anybody was designing and selling putters set up for the croquet swing.
bobhooe says:
many law suits to come in 2016
joe jones says:
I have been putting side saddle since 1970. Long putters were not available so I made my own. It conforms to all USGA specs. The only thing that touches the putter is my hands. I wish I were young enough and had enough talent to play on the tour just so I could challenge any move toward banning the use of long putters based upon the anchoring premise. If any one would like to look at old videos of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Billy Casper they would see that they all used a method that rested (anchored) their left fore arm on their left thigh and used a short wristy stroke. Palmer in particular went to his pigeon toe stance with his knees touching so he could stabilize his stroke. I would like to see who on the governing bodies is going to tell all three of these greats that they "anchored" their hands when putting.Why don't the anti long putter brigade tell the truth. They just don,t like the look of the method. Seems like prejudice comes in many forms. Different is not wrong it,s just different.
joe jones says:
By the way. What is a long putter? To a seven foot golfer a 48' putter is just about right. They make short putters for short people. Watch Bill Russel use a long putter conventionally without anchoring. The idea that putters should be no longer than the shortest club in the bag as some have suggested makes no sense. Some golfers have all of their clubs extended by up to 2 inches.Whose club do you measure to decide how long putters should be. Short people or tall people.
...the Murseless says:
On every putt I take, I anchor my putter - against _both_ of my hands. This is a tempest in a teapot that has gotten out of control.
mjaber says:
@joe jones... I believe the reason they are looking at "anchoring" vs. length is for the very reason you questiont what a "long" putter is.

To the point of anchoring against an arm vs. what is being done by Adam Scott, it's a question of location. I think what they are looking at is achoring against the core of the body, be it belly, sternum or higher. I think the theory is that by doing that, you are getting more stability. Whether that is truly the case or not... I have no idea.

In all honesty, I don't really care one way or the other.
legitimatebeef says:
Ban it or don't ban it I don't care I just don't want to hear about it anymore!
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